Lindy Patterson QC, a legal expert in construction and engineering, discusses the nature of success with senior pupils at her former school, Eyemouth High.

Undermining the
cult of celebrity

We challenge the cult of celebrity by highlighting those who may not be famous but who enjoy their work and contribute to their community in vital ways.

This helps young people understand that jobs in business, education, health, etc. can be much more interesting, enjoyable and satisfying than a fleeting appearance on reality TV.














Raising aspirations
in state schools

Independent schools routinely highlight their successful former pupils but state schools rarely do likewise. Indeed, they are often unaware who their high achievers are.

Impressive People is a national charity which helps teachers in state schools identify the successful individuals in whose footsteps their young people are following. 

Our aim is to raise the confidence and aspirations of pupils by highlighting what people from their community have gone on to achieve.

Role Model Sessions
inspire youngsters

Our Role Model Sessions take successful individuals back to their former school.

The sessions have featured artists, business people, footballers, builders, scientists, comedians, lawyers, film producers and even a Prime Minister!

We are grateful to all and look forward to arranging many more such visits throughout the UK.

Drama students captivated
by the tales of successful
actor and writer


Top London chef helps
youngsters in local primary
schools learn about food

Lynn Ferguson


Fran Healy

Anthony Fasson

Laura Jones

Moira Brown


Gordon Brown

Andy Scott


Michelle Mone


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Alex McLeish

"Delighted to help the pupils at my old school."

Lynn Ferguson
Writer & Actor

"A great way of raising the confidence of young people."

Margaret Towndrow
Head Teacher
"A good way of letting pupils know they have permission to succeed."


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